O U R   S T O R Y

The Roxbury Diner, located in the heart of Roxbury Township,  is headed by three brothers, George, Jimmy, and Teddy Dontas, and their headstrong and dedicated father, Michael Dontas.

Introduced to the restaurant business at an early age by their father, the three brothers have long since been involved with every aspect of owning a diner. George, Jimmy, and Teddy have all served their time as busboys, waiters, and cooks, and their experiences as such give the three a special perspective when it comes to running their business. 

Each partner has his specialty which makes for great give and take around the diner. George, with his sweet tooth and benevolent disposition, is known for his sinful baking (especially his delicious cheesecakes!) and pleasant character. Jimmy, who was blessed with a business-mindset, heads most of the marketing and planning and is responsible for organizing a lot of the great fundraising done by the diner. The youngest of the three brothers, Teddy, is the laid-back computer wiz, and you'll most likely find him cracking a joke or educating everyone on the latest politics. And last but not least, there's Michael-- he fills in the blanks, from electrical repairs to managing the kitchen on a busy Sunday morning, he does it all. 

If you get a chance to stop by the diner, you'll probably see one of the younger Dontas grandchildren running around or maybe one of the older ones working a shift. Either way, you'll feel like you're part of the family, right at home. 

The Dontas Family promise? Easy: "You can count on us to give you our best." So come in, say hello. Enjoy good food and warm smiles in this inviting atmosphere. 

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